PRIMA is North America's largest public sector risk management        

   Idaho PRIMA is dedicated to providing education, training and      
   support to risk managers and those whose duties involve risk
   management in the public sector.

   Idaho PRIMA provides targeted risk management training for
   Idaho local government elected officials, managers, and

   Our mission is to increase the proficiency of risk management
   in Idaho's public political subdivisions.      
                       Fall 2017 Training - SESSION 4
                               LIABILITY ISSUES & EXPOSURES, CURRENT TRENDS
                                                                              DATES COMING SOON...

                                    - The IRS and Public Entity Issues
                                       -  Understanding Unemployment Laws as a Public Entity
Understanding Workers Comp
Social Media Issues
Electronic Records and Policies
                                      -  L
iabilities with Public Facilities                        
                                        Trainings & Events
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