Idaho PRIMA Certification Program

Idaho is the first state in the nation to have a customized certification program.  Since many Idaho Public Employees wear different hats, our program is a great fit for the Idaho public sector.

Many attendees obtain their PRIMA Certification and continue to re-certify whether they are risk managers in their agency or not.  Knowing how to lower risk and lessen claims is for all employees.

Whether or not you plan to certify, the training in each session is filled with valuable information you can use immediately.  New topics, industry trends, and updated information are added to every session to keep training alive and pertinent.

To become certified, participants complete four training sessions offered by Idaho PRIMA. Courses are repeated every two years.  The certification process may start with any course.

Successful candidates are awarded at the PRIMA training sessions with an engraved plaque and a letter is sent to the recipient’s agency acknowledging their accomplishment.

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