General Program Information – COVID Impact Update (November 2021)


Who knew this simple word would impact us dramatically? Change has affected us all in some way since COVID-19 exploded in the Spring of 2020. For Idaho Chapter of PRIMA (Public Risk Management Association), the pandemic has impacted the ability to hold our usual biannual PRIMA trainings.

The PRIMA Board of Directors has a plan to keep training available to all participants of PRIMA, even as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. As a Board, we agree nothing can replace in-person training – the ability to share ideas, collaborate, network/build relationships and learn together. However, we do not think we can safely hold in-person trainings currently in this ever-changing environment. Therefore, future PRIMA trainings will be hosted in a different format, working in conjunction with our partner in risk management – ICRMP.  

PRIMA and ICRMP are two separate organizations:

  • Idaho Chapter of PRIMA is part of a national PRIMA association that provides education and risk resources to new and seasoned risk managers in the public sector to advance the knowledge and practice of public risk management.
  • ICRMP is Idaho’s local government insurance pool, providing property and liability insurance as well as a vast array of training and risk management resources to its members – most all Idaho local governments are ICRMP members.

PRIMA’s Mission: to increase the proficiency of risk management in Idaho’s public political subdivisions. To help accomplish this mission, ICRMP is an integral part of PRIMA trainings. ICRMP has recently enhanced resources including additional risk management staff and a new ICRMP member portal with online training, sample forms and policies, and technical resources. PRIMA can benefit by using the ICRMP member portal for online training in the short term and then taking advantage of ICRMP to bring more frequent in-person trainings to you in the future.


Have you attended all four training sessions? Congratulations! You are PRIMA certified and will be recognized with a PRIMA plaque given to you at your public agency. One of the PRIMA Board Members will contact you.

Have only one or two training sessions left to attend before you can be PRIMA certified? You will be given access to the exclusive PRIMA section of the ICRMP member portal to complete your training session’s content online. Once you complete your assigned content, you will become PRIMA certified and be recognized with a PRIMA plaque.

Have more than two training sessions to complete? You will transition to more frequent, direct training provided by dedicated ICRMP risk managers. The local government entity you work for will receive opportunities for trainings, both in-person and online, on a variety of high-claims areas.    

PRIMA in the future: because PRIMA is not duplicating training efforts with ICRMP, PRIMA will be able to focus on public sector risk professionals in new ways, including helping those who wish to obtain an ARM (Assoc in Risk Management) designation. Stay tuned!  

PRIMA began in 1991 and has evolved into a wonderful group of public risk managers from all corners of Idaho. The PRIMA Board appreciates the enthusiasm and involvement from Idaho local governments and looks forward to the exciting future of the Idaho Chapter of PRIMA!

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