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Update: 12-28-2022

With October 1st passing and the use of the ICRMP online training portal has been discontinued the PRIMA Board has made a decision regarding the Risk Management Certification Program. With ICRMP already offering and providing risk management training sessions, PRIMA felt as though it was duplicating services. The decision was made to focus on those that are currently enrolled in the program and allow them to finish and received their certification. At this time PRIMA will not be offering the Risk Management Certification Program for new enrollees. Those wishing to start will have to wait until PRIMA begins offering training again. If you are wanting to get certified, please check out the Public Risk Management Association There you will find educational opportunities and resources

For Current Enrollees:

In order to finish up with the program PRIMA is directing individuals to seek the remaining session to be completed with ICRMP. In order to complete the program PRIMA is asking people to attend an ICRMP session that is needed and PRIMA will honor the completed session. In order to receive credit for the session PRIMA will need a copy of the completed ICRMP session and if all sessions are completed PRIMA will certify that individuals. Before attending sessions, we are asking individuals to contact us first so we can verify contact information and session that are needed.

FYI: PRIMA will not accept records from individuals not enrolled in the certification program.

If you have any questions or have inquiries on the remaining session needed to please send an email to


To Whom This May Concern:

Thank you for reaching out and expressing interest in completing the risk management training with PRIMA.   Currently, there have been some major changes between ICRMP and the Idaho Chapter of PRIMA.  ICRMP and PRIMA have dissolved their partnership and ICRMP will no longer be assisting PRIMA with providing the Risk Management Certificate Program here in Idaho. With this separation, there has been a setback and the PRIMA Board has been trying to find the best solution to move forward without ICRMP.  The PRIMA Board has met and made the decision that the Risk Management Certificate Program will be put on hold until a decision has been made of when or how the risk management training will be offered in the future. As soon as a decision is made the announcement will be put up on the Idaho Chapter of PRIMA website (

With all the changes the PRIMA Board is encouraging any of those who are not wanting to wait for trainings here in Idaho to please check out the “Public Rick Management Association” website. There you will find resources and education opportunities.

We are sorry for the delay and we will try our best to serve our risk management patrons here in Idaho.  Again, please stay tuned for future announcements.


Shelly Blackner – President of the Idaho Chapter of PRIMA

If you have any question you can contact PRIMA via email at

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